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Double Ceiling Fans

Our signature collection of dual motor or double motor ceiling fans features models such as the Twin Star II and the Metropolitan by Gulf Coast Fans, as well as the Mustang II and The Duet by TroposAir. The individual blade diameter of smaller  double ceiling fans, The Duet , The Mustang and the The Metropolitan are 15", 18" and 24"  respectively.  For large living spaces with high ceilings, our flagship Twin Star is available in 32, 35, 46, 50 and 54 inch models. Our double motor ceiling fan models are available in multiple motor finishes and blade options. Choose from natural palm blades for a tropical decor, nautical canvas blades for that coastal feel, or solid wood blades for a rich look that can work in a casual setting or even the most formal.. The motors on all of our double motor ceiling fan collect are design to be adjusted in as many as 3 positions, allowing to position the blades vertically, at a 45 degree angle, or in limited cases, horizontal / parallel with the floor.*
*If you attempting to configure the Twin Star II or the Twin Star III  in the horizontal position, and have any questions,  please contact us. We are happy to help. We are double motor ceiling fan experts.